Let's tell the story of your edges, your valleys, your healing, your grief, your love, your depth, and your growth. You've walked roads that are only your's to walk. You've lived details, and language, and footsteps that no one else can own. Your story is uniquely and powerfully YOUR'S. Let's tell it. Let's put image and light to the reflection of your brutiful life. 

Photos are monuments of who we have been and who we are becoming. They are altars we can revisit with remembrance and reverence. Let's start right now, in this season. Let's start with you - as you are. 

The storytelling is important. 

The NEW Freedom Sessions | $425

Originally designed for women who were in a season of reclaiming themselves just as they are - not as they were or as they think they should be. The NEW Freedom Sessions are for anyone who wants to tell the story of reclaiming themselves.

One Hour Sessions | $425

15 professionally edited digital images + option to purchase more, and shared printing rights

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