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  • Select Wholesale Member. This doesn't mean you have to sell oils. This type of account is the Costco Membership of the essential oil world. A wholesale account gives you a 24% discount on all your orders and access to the private community forums and online events, bootcamps, trainings, and promos.

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  • Choose your kit. The Premium Starter Kit is the best bang for your buck, but creating a custom kit or choosing the Thieves or Ningxia Red kit is always an option. The PSK is $160 (more than half off) and includes 11 therapeutic grade essential oils, samples, and a diffuser.

  • Scroll down and choose to set up a monthly autoship (Essential Rewards) or not. It is completely up to you and doesn't require any commitment or contract. Essential Rewards is an amazing benefit of being a member and you will get free oils each month! You can always choose to enroll later on.

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  • 5mL bottles of the following essential oils:

  • Lavender (the swiss army knife of essential oils)

  • Peppermint Vitality (it’s refreshing)

  • Lemon Vitality (it’s cleansing)

  • Frankincense (it’s grounding)

  • Citrus Fresh (it's awakening)

  • Stress Away (vacation in a bottle)

  • PanAway (it’s relieving)

  • Raven (it's a deep breath)

  • Thieves (get well, stay well)

  • Copaiba (it's soothing)

  • DiGize (it's calming)

  • A home diffuser ($96 dollar value)

  • Sample packets of Thieves Household Cleaner

  • Ningxia Red samples

  • Aroma Glider roller fitment (turn any oil into a roll on)

  • A community of over 3000 others who use essential oils, this we can not put a price tag on!


One of the BEST parts of opening your wholesale account with me is the community!  Our members have access to unique and supportive private Facebook forums, optional business resources, and incredible webinars. This is an rad way to learn more about how EOs can impact your entire life. 


24% discount on all orders

No obligation to ever sell a product.

Grow your own wellness lifestyle with amazing, organic, therapeutic grade products.

Ongoing business mentoring for everyone who wants to build a business out of their love of helping people. 



A few times a year we offer the Yoga + Oils Bootcamp (totally free for our partners). You can join in by setting up a wholesale account here and then watching our online forums for our next bootcamp. Some of the topics we'll cover are:

*Teaching Y+O sample classes for studios
*Chakra balancing
*Why Young Living for your yoga practice
*Meditation + custom blends
*Yoga + Oils specific marketing content