Do you know how many chemicals the average American is exposed to on a daily basis? According to the Global Healing Center it isn't abnormal to be exposed to 2,100,000 toxins every day. This exposure happens through the food we eat, the liquids we drink. the air we breathe, and the things we come into contact with. There's no way to completely eliminate this exposure, but we can minimize it by choosing clean foods to eat, filtered water to drink (and cutting out artificial sweeteners), replacing our household cleaning products, laundry detergent, dish soap, beauty products, and wellness regime with organic, chemical free, pure products. 

I'm a crunchy yoga mama who believes in balance. Sometimes we eat Mexican food at a funky little dive and sometimes we make homemade, vegan meals. Sometimes we make homemade spirulina lemonade and sometimes we get Starbucks soy earl grey lattes. Sometimes I clean up the crazy my three kids wreak on my backyard and sometimes I let the weeds overtake the toys. Sometimes we go without the TV for a week and sometimes we binge watch a season or two. Cause here's the thing: life cannot be about control. It just can't. I dropped that word when I started my eating disorder and codependency recovery. So we live as free and clear as we can - fully in pursuit of complete wellness - but we do it freely and lightly.

I researched and researched and researched before I landed on Young Living. I had been burned by some MLMs in the past and felt super cautious, so I kind of tiptoed my way in. I bought the most basic starter kit (basically the membership and a single oil - side note: I have always regretted not getting a starter kit), spent some time feeling out the teams in my upline, and waited for experience to either prove my paranoia or expel it. Here's what I found: these people are such kickass love warriors. After 2 1/2 years with this company I can wholeheartedly say that I have been bolstered, encouraged, supported, given hours of free training, and mentored into a business that helps me build on big dreams. And that, friends, is why the Yoga + Oils Team is my own vision and passion being lived out. 

I started this team with a friend almost 3 years ago and have built it into a community of over 500 amazing people, not to mention the thousands of people in our crosslines. We come alongside one another, link arms to share our own love of oils, and help other people change their wellness and lives with delicious, potent, therapeutic grade essential oils. Mostly because I firmly believe that everyone deserves to belong, everyone deserves the healthiest life they can have, and everyone deserves the right to build on their own dreams. 

On a more scientific note, I love this article about EOs which says that the human body averages a frequency of 62-72 Hz, but disease settles in when the frequency drops. The frequency of the body drops when the body comes in contact with substances that have lower frequencies (remember that whole 2,100,000 chemicals a day thing?). According to an article in the Huffington Post by Dr. Jane G. Goldberg, PHD the frequency of the body can drop just by holding a cup of coffee. She says that the electrical frequency of essential oils ranges between 52 and 320 Hz, which is the highest frequency of substance known to man. Here's the best part: Dr. Goldberg says that because essential oils are a living substance their frequency is harmonic with the human frequency. When essential oils come into contact with our bodies, the frequency of our bodies becomes raised to a degree so that we become inhospitable hosts to pathogenic organisms. All of this is great news to my fellow crunchy yogis - or to everyone who wants to live a healthier lifestyle. 

What we put in and on our bodies matters. It makes a difference in our overall well being and there are so many ways to start taking responsibility for ditching the chemicals for plant based, organic products. If you're a researcher like me check out Seed to Seal. This site shows you the entire process of how Young Living chooses the seed, the soil, the care of the plant, the harvesting, the distilling, and the bottling. They own their own farms and are completely invested in every step of the process. It's pretty rad, guys.

Tell me what you're MOST interested in! Ditching the chemicals in your cleaning products? Upping your antioxidant intake? Experiencing energetic/emotional release in your yoga practice? Kid care? Pet care? I'll help you customize a starter kit for your exact needs and welcome you into the Yoga + Oils community. Let's start today, babes! It's never too late to transform your life.