200 hr + 500 hour trained yoga instructor / wellness advocate / podcaster / mama to 3 rad humans / creative / lover of people


I believe that every path is different and that every path should be honored. I chose a plant based lifestyle because it's what works for me and because it aligns with my ideology. That being said, there's something weird that happens when we talk about food, isn't there? Somehow what we eat is a deeply spiritual/energetic decision and when we hear someone talking about the way THEY eat we can sometimes take personal offense. Let's rise above that together. We're better than that and we know that our differences are what make conversations interesting. 

If you are feeling the tug towards a plant based lifestyle I hope you will find my own journey as a resource. I hope you leave here feeling inspired, bolstered, and motivated. I'm choosing to talk about the benefits of a plant based lifestyle rather than the downside of eating animal products - mostly because this is a story about who I AM, not about who I am NOT. If you want to do some research I suggest reading the book, The China Study by Thomas Campbell and watching the film WTH. 


I've been practicing yoga for over 17 years and teaching Yoga for 11 years. I am a 500 hour certified Yoga Instructor and am currently taking a much needed break from teaching, but check out the Yoga portion of this site if you need some practice inspiration. I'm currently enrolled in another incredible 500hr training with Yoga Medicine. 


You guys, I just don't go a single day without using Young Living's therapeutic grade essential oils, supplements, and household products. I've been on a mission to live a completely toxin free life and I am about 90% of the way there. I chose this company because of the high level of integrity they show towards people and the planet. They have been around for over 20 years, are committed to the Seed to Seal guarantee, and have chosen integrity over profit more times than I can count - which hasn't gotten in the way of the entire company grossing over 1 billion dollars last year. I work alongside the most kickass women on a daily basis and get to live out my passion for creating a wellness impact. 


I believe in Jesus and I wholeheartedly believe His Way invites us to live freely and lightly. I have deconstructed my faith over and over again, spending years filtering through tradition, perception, ideology, and weird theology and have landed here: Jesus (i.e. the embodiment of Love) is my only religion. I don't call myself a Christian because the term doesn't fit for me anymore. In all of the dismantling and disruption I have found my own way to God and it has nothing to do with anyone else's process. This blog is my marker. My journey is laid out here like a road map. I'm seeking The Way of Jesus, while living my very ordinary life. This is my exhale, my inhale, my abundance and my scarcity wrapped up into words.